Water Heaters
are all we do, and we are very good at it. Because we are good at it we are able to adjust our prices accordingly. Our men are factory trained experts in water heater installation and repair. Call and ask for Steve, he is our Master Plumber and he loves to talk about Water Heaters. What ever your problem is you can be sure Steve has probably seen it before.

Does your Water Heater Rumble? Does a rotten egg smell come from the hot water? Is it working but just doesn’t produce enough hot water? We see these problems ever day and we can advise you in the least expensive correction that is right for your water heater.

We install water heaters and we repair them. We are proud of our reputation for professionalism and we strive to maintain the highest standards. If your water heater fails, call us, We make it so easy.

When selecting a water heater for your home, choosing a water heater system that not only provides an ample amount of hot water for your home or business but one that also efficiently heats the water is of primary importance. The water heaters that we carry are the most energy efficient and reliable on the market which is not only good for the planet but ultimately saves you money. We offer conventional hot water heaters (storage tank) that are both electric or gas depending on the demands of your home. We also carry on-demand or tankless (instantaneous) water heaters.

 Houston Water Heaters is a factory-recommended installer of Bradford White, Rheem, State, and A.O. Smith conventional water heaters. Call today for an immediate quote on water heater installation for your home or business.

Click on the Manufacturers tab below to see the different Brands of Water Heaters we carry and to visit other pages with a Brand specific Water Heater info.

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